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Privacy Policy

We consider the privacy for our patients, partners and website visitors to be of utmost importance. We will not send unsolicited email nor will we share your personal information with any other individual or organization. All content on this website, including without limitation, images, trademarks, designs, pictures and other information is the exclusive property of Gendus Dental Partners and protected by applicable law. Any unauthorized use of this content without specific written permission is prohibited.


Stories from Gendus Partners

Dr. P was a senior at UA School of Dentistry in Birmingham, Alabama. She wanted to practice in the Florida panhandle and because of student loan debt, was not ready to acquire a practice. She hoped that she could affiliate with an existing practice and “learn the ropes” while paying down her student debt. A year later, Dr. P has consolidated her student debt and is progressively paying it down while working in her thriving practice.

Dr. P , Recent Dental School Graduate

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