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Dental Practices

Below is a list of dental practices within the Gendus Dental Partners family. We now have ten practices from the Florida Panhandle to Birmingham – and growing!

  • Steineker & Dillon Dental (Montgomery, AL)
  • Zelda Court Dental (Montgomery, AL)
  • Glynwood Park Dental (Prattville, AL)
  • Forest Park Smiles on 11th (Panama City, FL)
  • Forest Park Dental (Panama City, FL)
  • Foley Dental Associates (Foley, AL)
  • Mahan Creek Dental (Brierfield, AL)
  • Opelika Dental Associates (Opelika, AL)
  • Cahaba River Family & Implant Dentistry (Birmingham, AL)
  • Turnipseed Family Dentistry (Birmingham, AL)


Stories from Gendus Partners

Dr. H was ready to retire after 40 years of practicing dentistry, and wanted someone to come in and take care of his patients with the same touch that he had. He also wanted the “new doctor” to retain his team and keep their world as normal as possible. Fourteen months later, Dr. H is enjoying his retirement.

Dr. H, Panama City, Florida

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: : Gendus Will Pay

  • ADA dues up to $1,000 per year

  • CEU allowance of $500 per year

  • 100% Malpractice Insurance

  • 100% DEA License

  • 100% Business License

  • 100% Hygienist State Licenses

  • Individual Health Insurance

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