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Our goal at Gendus Dental Partners is to assist the recent graduate in the transition from dental school to general practice and assist the retiring dentist in transitioning his practice.

  • Starting Your Career?

    At Gendus Dental Partners, our doctor-led offices allow you to have ownership starting day one, while providing you training and professional development to help you gain industry credibility quickly.

    • Developing clinical skills in real life

    • Continuing Education (CE)

    • Integrating new doctors with mentors with all levels of expertise

    • Mastering the latest dental technology

    • Guaranteed base salary as your practice builds

    • We handle the business responsibilities so you can focus on dentistry

  • Selling Your Practice?

    Gendus Dental Partners offers personalized practice transition tailored to your personality, situation and financial goals. More and more transitioning dentists are taking a different approach to retirement. Tell us whether you want to sell your practice outright, slow down your work schedule, focus solely on clinical care or transition to a new practitioner.  We can help.


Stories from Gendus Partners

Dr. P was a senior at UA School of Dentistry in Birmingham, Alabama. She wanted to practice in the Florida panhandle and because of student loan debt, was not ready to acquire a practice. She hoped that she could affiliate with an existing practice and “learn the ropes” while paying down her student debt. A year later, Dr. P has consolidated her student debt and is progressively paying it down while working in her thriving practice.

Dr. P , Recent Dental School Graduate

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: : Gendus Will Pay

  • ADA dues up to $1,000 per year

  • CEU allowance of $500 per year

  • 100% Malpractice Insurance

  • 100% DEA License

  • 100% Business License

  • 100% Hygienist State Licenses

  • Individual Health Insurance

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